Monday, March 2, 2009

March came in like a Lamb, it crept up and no one really expected it to be here so soon, not me @ least. Now that is here, what will I do with it. I am looking forward to working in the yard, planting, weeding, and just getting down & dirty.

Our fence is fixed and our garage post is up and secured, from when a Mexican driver decided to plow down our fence & take out our garage post about 3 months ago. I was exhausted dealing with the insurance companies and the Utah Dept of Transportation(UDOT). I've learned that if I don't become a pleasant pest, nothing will get done. I've had to call the insurance companies & UDOT almost everyday to get anything done, you can't just depend on their good will & grace to pay what is rightfully yours, YOU HAVE TO BE A PLEASANT PEST, something that I don't enjoy being. I had to settle for far less than what I asked for from the Insurance Company, I couldn't fight anymore, the fight was too much for my stress level, so I had to settle.

There is so much restlessness in America today, with the Bad Economy, Foreclosures, Unemployment sky rocketing and many other serious misfortunes. It seems that you can't buy any honest person in Washington. Despite all of these negative nuances, I still believe that we live in the greatest country in the World. America, the land of the Opportunity and Freedoms, people are still immigrating here by the boat load. I am so honored to be an American, I am also very fortunate to be married to a wonderful lady raising our three awe-inspiring children. I am DEFINITELY LIVING THE DREAM!!

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