Saturday, February 21, 2009

My 25 Wishes & Pet Peaves.

1)Don't like people using the cell phone in the bathrooms.
2)Favorite Food: Porkchop, Rice & corn..oh yeah Raw Fish & Poi(yummy)
3)Laying on the Beach..having no cares in the world..dreaming about making it big in the music world.
4)Give back our land..all the foreigners have taken over the Hawaiian Islands, chased out the "real hawaiians".
5)Want all the Bullies in this world to go away.
6)A cure for Autism and all the cancer in this world.
7)Staying young and fit..never growing old and never getting fat but eat the same amount.
8)Make enough money so my wife don't have to work.
9)Wish I had blue eyes and 6'4".
10)My little girl will grow up & become Miss America so she can show everyone that if Barrack can make it she can too...horay for the half & half's in this world.
11)Ticket all drivers that drive and talk on their phone or text..hefty $1000 for every violation.
12)That we can all live together in harmony, blacks, whites, browns, religious, atheist, etc...
13)The state of Hawaii would be connected to the mainland so we can drive instead of flying.
14)Live forever and never dying.
15)Seeing my mother & dad again & show them what I've done with my life and to see their beautiful grand kids.
16)Getting rid of guns in the hands of the criminals and putting them in responsible gun owners only.
17)Having a guarantee that America will never be attacked ever again by terrorist.
18)Having 3 wishes come true. 1)Peace in the middle east 2)My children will always be taken care of, both financialy, physically & spiritually 3)Dying the same time, as my spouse
19)Winner of the 1 billion lottery so I don't have to work ever!
20)Having inner peace @ all times.
21)Would like to see these places before I die; 1)Paris 2)Rio Dejanaro 3)The Orient 4)Bahamas
22)Be happy & have joy in my life
23)Purchasing a Toyota Tundra Truck(Yellow)
24)Not have to think so hard about "my 25 unusual things".
25)Living in America.

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