Monday, March 30, 2009

Talofa lava,

Haven't posted anything for awhile, so here I am again. I joined the "Because We Sing" All men Choir, we are hoping to have 364 men. Last night was our first practice & there were about 189 men that showed up. We will be performing on Saturday June 6th @ the LDS Tabernacle on Temple Square. There are a lot of fun songs this year, I first joined the choir about a year ago and we had some great songs to sing back then but this year's music is shaping up to be quite a selection, maybe even better than last year's.

I love to sing when I get a chance, this is a good outlet for me from my sometime stressful but fun filled life.

Any of you men that would like to join the choir, please log into and read more about it. We love to have you, we are about a half way there.

More next time...Aloha..Aceman

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