Sunday, June 21, 2009

My fondest memories of my Daddy..Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to my Father who is smiling from above. I realize that you were taken from this earthly existence when I was still barely a teenager, and you were so much older and most of my memories of you were either taking care of you or looking for you in the wee hours of the morning. I remember when I stayed with you @ Queens Medical Center and you decided to go on an excursion of the floor. You yanked out your IV that you had on you, leaving a trail of blood for me to find you, oh not to forget the screeching screams of the other female patients on the floor as you enter their rooms looking like a zambi from a very poor unorchestrated "ghost movie". I ran to your rescue, and all you had was that strange look on your face, "what did I do"?, what happen?. I brought you back to your room feeling very frustrated but @ the same time I was relieved to find you. I slept by your bed for several nights, but regreted not being their when you decided to leave this earthly life to meet with your heavenly father. I've regreted not seeing you take your last breath, and saying goodbye to you, my dear daddy. I hope you know how much I loved you and cared for you while you were with me. We didn't communicate as much as I would wanted to, and didn't get a chance to play baseball, or throw the football because you were so much older and very sick, but I always felt safe and secured when you were around. You didn't talk much but your actions displayed the Pure of Christ which was felt by your children especially me. I also wanted to compliment you for the way you treated your wife, my dear mom. I can't remember when you yelled @ her or mistreated her in any way, an example that I am trying to do with my dear wife, something that I need to work on daily. So thank you for being the best father that any young man could have. My only hope is that I can take all the positive influences that you've been to me and implement it in my own life so that my children could become well rounded, god fearing, loving & respectful individuals. Ia Manuia le Aso Tama'; Alofa tele mo oe, lou tama' peleina i lou' fatu. Always, your youngest son, Liae Lee Tapa Matavao

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