Sunday, November 16, 2008

Thanksgiving is upon us and I wanted to express my thanks to a loving Heavenly Father for his love and kind intervention in my life and the life of my Nephew Eddie.

On November 3, 2008 my wonderful Nephew Edwin Kilifi Brown was struck by a impatient driver trying to run the red light. Eddie was on his long board, who had the right away and was in the middle of the crosswalk when this impatient driver changed lane, did not see Eddie and struck head on. He was rushed to the Emergency room @ Intermountain Medical where he sustained a fractured skull and two broken legs. Good news, Eddie is now out of ICU and is in a Care Center where he is starting his road to recovery.

I am so blessed for good family members and friends who have been so good to dedicate their time and efforts to making sure that Eddie and his family were cared for. I thank all of you for your prayers and faith, not to mention your positive thoughts for Eddie. My sister is truly overwhelmed at the outpouring of love that her Ward Members, family, friends, school associates have give her family but especially.

I am truly honored and humbled for all the love that has been showed to Eddie at a time when he needs it most. Thank you all for your unending support and love, you have restored my faith in humanity; that there are still wonderful, loving & kind people out there. God Bless you all.

With all my love & aloha's ...Ace

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